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No. Product Name Benefits Down
18 Moisturizer Ceracare H40EX Skin-friendly high functional (Ceramide) moisturizer
17 Moisturizer Ceracare H30EX Skin-friendly high functional (Ceramide) moisturizer
16 Moisturizer Ceracare H5 Skin-friendly high functional (Ceramide) moisturizer
15 Moisturizer Ceracare AC45 Skin-friendly high functional (Total Ceramide) moisturizer
14 Moisturizer Ceracare AC1 Skin-friendly high functional (total Ceramide) moisturizer
13 Moisturizer Biomimetic Gel Base Mixture of various moisturzing and skin-conditioning agent
12 UV-Filters Pico ZnO253DM Micronized Zinc oxide powder coated with silicone
11 UV-Filters Pico ZnO253SL Micronized Zinc oxide powder coated with silicone (Silane)
10 Anti-inflammatory NF-TECAsome Very powerful skin-rejuvenating, restoring and soothing agent
9 Anti-inflammatory Turmericgel Lactobacillus Turmeric filterate
8 Skin-conditioning Phyto Lipid Argan 30 Water-dispersible Aragan oil (30%)
7 Skin-conditioning Phyto Lipid Mangobutter 30 Water-dispersible Mango-butter (30%)
6 Skin-conditioning Phyto Lipid Sheabutter-SF Water-dispersible shea-butter (30%)
5 Skin-conditioning Phyto Lipid Squalane 30 Water-dispersible Squalane (30%)
4 Skin-conditioning NF-Elasome E20 Water-dispersible Silicone Elastomer (20%)
3 Skin-conditioning Silkysome D30 Water-dispersible Silicone Dimethicone (30%)
2 Emulsifier Picocare MR A special emulsifier for formulating unique oil-gel
1 Emulsifier Picocare SE Water-dispersible Lecithin emulsifier (O/W)